UK Election Day

by Bradley Miller on May 6, 2010

It’s election day in the UK and it’s been an historical election – the first ever in the UK with televised debates.  While the UK election system is vastly different than the US, it’s also a much shorter season as well.  The Queen dissolved parliament on April 6th, meaning it’s been just about a month of elections – personally, that would be welcome to me here in the US!

I’m an observer (fan) of UK politics and enthralled by the House of Commons, particularly Prime Minister’s Questions.  You can watch them here.  Although, Gordon Brown is a bit of a bore, I got to see Tony Blair in his prime – what a show, indeed.

So, as a tip of the cap to our UK friends I’m posting this image – a bit of British propaganda from World War II.  Although it wasn’t widely used during WWII, it has become a more modern sign of the British stiff upper lip and resolve.  Personally, I like the image quite a bit.  You can buy them from several places online if you need a copy of your own.

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