iPhone 3G Downgrade from iOS 4

by Bradley Miller on July 27, 2010

iPhone 3G not working so well? Downgrade before you throw your phone against the wall!

The Scoop: This morning I finally got tired of the start, stalls and stops of iOS4 on my iPhone 3G.  The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a great parody of what I was experiencing after “upgrading” my iPhone 3G to iOS4.  From feedback that I was getting on Facebook and Twitter, seemed like most of my friends were experiencing the same things.  While there’s comfort in numbers, I’d rather have comfort in my phone working right.

I was reminded of a story where one of the big luxury car brands had been accused of engineering parts to break just after the warranty expired.  Forcing their customers to foot the bill for expensive repairs.  Ball joint on your car breaks at 50,001 miles on a 50,000 mile warranty?  Things to make you go hmmm. . . yes, I linked to C+C Music Factory.  Enjoy.

Goblins actually hexed my iPhone 3G running iOS4.

In the same vein, I find it a little convenient that as the iPhone 4 comes out, with a brand new operating system, we’re all encouraged to upgrade to the iPhone 4 from our slow, passe, old school iPhone 3Gs.  Seems all too convenient that the iOS4 essentially cripples iPhone 3Gs at a time when Apple is pushing iPhone4s. Upgrade or Die!

And, as an added note, I also did a complete restore of my iPhone 3G to iOS4.  That is, I first upgraded and then when that got kludgy I completely wiped the phone and started from scratch.  This has worked for some people, but when I did it my phone ran great for 3 days and then became all kludgy again.  Ugh.

How’d the Downgrade Go?

What I can report is that there’s a super easy way to downgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS3.1.3 (AKA the last stable build of iOS3 for iPhones).  I found Lifehacker’s post on how to downgrade to be the simplest and worked just fine for me.  Surprisingly, it didn’t really require any serious hacking – just following the simple instructions on Lifehacker.  Thanks guys!!!

It took about 20 minutes for the total downgrade and I’m happy to report that my iPhone 3G is working.  Well, working just as well as it did before the kludgy upgrade.  It’s nice to play a song when you want to or type a text in real time.

Of note – this process is a complete restore of your phone – YOU WILL LOSE ANY STORED DATA OR PHOTOS OR ANYTHING on your phone.  Go and back up your contacts and photos and make sure you’ve got all your songs and shows backed up in iTunes.  Follow Lifehacker’s super easy instructions and good luck!  Enjoy your newly restored iPhone 3G – Back to the Future!

It’s almost enough to get me to switch to Android.  ALMOST.

The smartphone battle rages on. Dammit Android, you're almost there

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Garrett November 1, 2010 at 9:51 am

Two years of Android, and it has been good to me.

rubes June 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm

does this work for 3g as well as 3gs?

bidou April 4, 2012 at 10:34 am

“Two years of Android, and it has been good to me.”

Sure ! After waiting that the manufacturer adapt the rom, then waiting for your operator to also adapt it (with mostly crappy app and service), at every system release, downgrading is obviously not a problem when updating is soooooooooooooooo a long journey.

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